We farmed and harvested beneficial microbes in our labs. These microbes are combined with specific strains of fungus. We infused the beneficial microbes into our liquid and solid Arktivate. We can then delivered into our bio-depleted ground through our Ark transport system.

Arktivate Bio-Solid

Arktivate bio-solid fertilisers are natural, nutrient-rich substances that improve soil fertility sustainably. It contains beneficial microbes for healthy plant growth. They release nutrients gradually, minimising runoff and promoting plant growth. Arktivate enriches the soil with organic matter, enhances water retention, and fosters beneficial microorganisms. Reducing reliance on synthetic fertilisers and helps preserve soil fertility.

Arktivate Bio-Liquid

Arktivate bio-liquid fertilisers contained beneficial microbial and nutrient-rich solutions derived from natural sources. They efficiently deliver nutrients to plants, promote rapid growth, and can be applied in various ways. They enhance soil structure, support microbial activity, and reduce reliance on synthetic fertilisers. Arktivate contribute to sustainable agriculture, maintaining soil fertility and promoting healthy plants. 

Arktivate 8:8:8

Total Potassium (K2O), mg/kg – 84,388

The Phosphorus (P2O2), mg/kg – 82,012

Ammonia (NH3), mg/kg – 36,734

Nitrate (NO3), mg/kg – 45,960

Iron (Fe), mg/kg – 3,992

Calcium (Ca), mg/kg – 13,049

Magnesium (Mg), mg/kg – 4,000

Our Quality Assurance

Arktivate ensures high standards of quality and safety. Rigorous measures are in place to monitor and evaluate various aspects. From the sourcing of raw materials to the manufacturing process, each step is closely scrutinized to maintain organic integrity. Testing is conducted to verify the absence of synthetic chemicals, GMOs, and contaminants.  

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