Enriching soil with life for a regenerative future

We partnered nature with science to innovate an advanced biological solution that meets all plants' growing needs.


Conducting a soil audit is crucial due to the urgent nature of our topsoil condition. Intensive farming practices, erosion, and chemical usage have led to the depletion of this essential resource at an alarming rate, surpassing its natural regeneration. By comprehensively assessing the current state of our soil, we can develop a holistic solution to restore its fertility.


Plants absorb vital mineral nutrients, like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, through their root systems with the help of beneficial soil microorganisms. Arktivate fosters the growth and activity of these microorganisms, optimizing nutrient delivery to the roots. This symbiotic relationship enables efficient nutrient absorption, enhancing plant health and productivity.


By analyzing the characteristics of the soil, climate conditions, the ability of crops to absorb nutrients, and the presence of beneficial microorganisms, we will develop an innovative approach to enhance plant growth by delivering a customized solution directly into the soil.


In our bio-lab, we cultivate and farm beneficial microbial consortia that provide plant nutrition and improved systemic resistance against pests, diseases, and abiotic stresses.  We then deliver this living ecosystem back into the ground and water, resulting in more resilient growing ecosystems.

The primary advantages of soil biological activities and natural nutrients are as follows:

Retention of soil nutrient by beneficial microbes

Improve nutrients uptake from root system

Better soil tilth, friability and overall soil health

No chemical runoff to pollute waterway

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