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Our breakthrough organic fertiliser, Arktivate supercharges plant and crop growth. Arktivate is formulated with potent, scientifically backed ingredients that work synergistically to support and enhance every stage of plant development. From germination to harvest, Arktivate ensures your crops receive the essential nutrients they need to grow stronger, healthier, and more resilient.

A High CEC Bio-Organic Fertiliser

One key soil property that influences nutrient availability and retention in the soil is known as CEC, or Cation Exchange Capacity. When a farmer adds fertiliser but does not see the desired results, it can be attributed to several factors, including poor CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) values in the soil.


5 Key Components


Seaweed ExtractSeaweed promotes stronger plant growth, disease prevention, and pest control. It enhances crop growth, improves soil health, supports sustainable farming, and boosts plants’ resistance to diseases and pests. Seaweed contains essential macronutrients and micronutrients, regulates plant growth, increases plant biomass, and improves root development. It also enhances plant tolerance to stress and improves soil structure by promoting beneficial soil microorganisms. Click to know more


Amino acids are natural building blocks that stimulate plant growth and improve nutrient uptake. They boost photosynthesis, enhance soil health, reduce reliance on synthetic fertilizers, increase stress tolerance, and promote overall plant health. Amino acids play a crucial role in protein synthesis, enzyme activation, hormone regulation, stress tolerance, nutrient uptake, root development, and photosynthesis, leading to improved crop yields and plant health. Click to know more


Humic and fulvic acids, natural organic compounds, enhance nutrient availability, improve soil structure, increase microbial activity, and promote higher crop yields. They act as chelating agents, stimulate root and shoot growth, improve nutrient uptake, enhance soil water retention, stimulate plant growth hormones, increase stress tolerance, and promote beneficial microbial activity. Click to know more


In the case of bacterial populations, under favourable conditions, they double at regular intervals, resulting in exponential growth by geometric progression. Other microbes such as fungi may grow through cell division; such fungal hyphae has the potential to grow and extend their length by up to 50 times a day. Click to know more


Biochar is a soil amendment that improves water retention, nutrient availability, and microbial life, leading to healthier and more resilient crops. It increases germination rates, root development, and plant resilience. Biochar’s high surface area and porosity allow it to adsorb nutrients, have a high cation exchange capacity, and facilitate slow-release nutrient availability. It also provides a habitat for beneficial microorganisms and mitigates environmental impacts. Click to know more

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1. Contact us using the form below. Let us know where you are from, how big your farm is and what are you currently growing?

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3. After receiving the necessary information, we will be able to provide a trial sample to be deliver to your destination. Frieght cost will not be cover.
* depend on regulatory of country

4. Instruction on doing the growing trials will be explain and will require photo documentation of progress.
We will require to take an original sample of the soil.

5. After harvesting the produces, the soil will be send for lab test to get a detail analysis of using Arktivate. This is provided you can send the original and Arktivated soil back to us.

6. With the final finding and lab report. We will do a proper analysis to support all your future growing need.

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